Sunday 22 Oct., 2017, barely 5 days after Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB,  failed to appear in court, being that his whereabouts remains unknown after operation Python Dance of 12 Sept. 2017 as ordered by the President. It was on the wake of Kanu’s life and the secession tension raised in Ghana that Loaded Mama invited some concerned Nigerians vs Biafrans on her weekly radio show for the Debate Unlimited Segment.

The show which was supposed to educate the public on the answers to the following questions got the panelists opening up, making certain revelations which were rather informative and interesting to the listeners and online viewers.

The questions were:
1. What will Nigeria lose by letting Biafra go?
2. What will Biafra gain by seceding from Nigeria?
3. Will Biafrans be able to lead themselves without fighting among themselves?

All hell broke loose when a Nigerian panelist denied the existence of Biafra – that there’s no such country in the map of the world, which got the Biafrans aggressive and replied that the country Nigeria was a scam, never is there any tenable document with the signatures of these people of divers ideologies, cultures, languages, religion etc. in an agreement to live as a nation.

The Biafrans want to be liberated from Nigeria’s propaganda of false nationhood, marginalization, deprivation and murder over the years.The Nigerians asked why is it only the youths – people of ages 45 and below that are agitating for Biafra and consequently, the impending war, while the elders wouldn’t risk it as they know what happened during the 1967 war – that the Biafrans will lose their citizenship and assets spread across the country and the African continent. The Biafrans stated that the same segregation, suppression and intimidation with guns and bullets that made the elders fight years back are making the younger generation fight today and they stand to gain everything on the actualization of their country, nothing whatsoever to lose.

Currently the Eastern region (Igbos and Niger-Delta) are the most cheated with regards to political appointments and social infrastructures which necessitate the stability of businesses and livelihood generally. On the side of Nigerians, they wondered why Biafrans wanted to be free as they were never in bondage, the Aburi Accord in Ghana declared ‘No VICTOR NO VANQUISHED’.

The war of words grew fierce, almost out of the control of the presenter as both sides were pouring out their hearts on the platform. The video was streamed live with several thousands of viewers liking and commenting.

The show that lasted 2 hours was short of time for more listeners to call in, it was therefore slated to continue the following week which will be on Sunday 29, 2017, 6pm – 8pm, on Hot 93.9 FM, Ghana. ‘Naija Level Show’ is a Naija-Ghana entertainment radio program hosted by Loaded Mama, who is the mouthpiece of Nigerians in Ghana. The show has hosted many dignitaries from embassies, several politicians and celebrities and concerned citizens of the African continent. She has won several awards in the 10 years of being on air.

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